MORE command

The MORE command displays output on a per screen basis. MORE can also be used in the same way as TYPE to print a file to the terminal.


MORE [/E] [/C] [/P] [/T[:]n] [/S] [/A] [/U] [+n] [files ...]

Displays output one screen at a time, pausing between two screens.

If standard output is not redirected, then the MORE command uses it interactive more (the command prompts the MORE prompt).

-- MORE --

MORE accepts the following commands:

If pBat has been compiled with –disable-console, then the more command should always use the /C switch, Thus, line by line scrolling should not be possible.


Compatible with cmd.exe, excepting /P switch that does nothing.

Available since 2014.0.9b revision. Before MORE was only a TYPE alias.

See also

Command list, TYPE command, DUMP command