START command

The START command enables executing a command or a program inside another console or in background. START also enables opening files with appropriate programs, it is thus a very useful command.


START [/d dir] [/b] [/min] [/max] [/wait] ["title"] [command [parameter ...]]

Runs command in a separate windows, if the feature is available on the current operating system. If not, command is run as separate process.

If command is an internal command and the /b switch is specified, then the command will be ran as a thread of the current interpreter.


Partially compatible with cmd.exe. Under UNIX-based operating systems, some features are ignored: “title”, /max, /min. The possibility of launching a new window is requiring the support of mimeopen or xdg-open in your platform, and obviously depends on the use of a graphical environment such as X to work.

Note that the implementation using xdg-open might be a bit buggy as this script has plenty of defaults, but it is more widespread than mimeopen as it is older. pBat gives priority to mimeopen thus installing it is highly recommended to get the best experience of pBat on UNIX-based platforms

Available since 218.2.

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