FIND command

Search for a string or an expression in one or several files.


FIND [/c] [/n] [/i] [/v] [/e] string [files ...]

Search for a string or an expression, in one or several files or in the standard input (stdin).

Obviously, the /c and /n switches can not be mixed. If FIND encounters /c and /n switches together, does will take account of the last specified switches.

The FIND command has no line length limit, unlike Windows implementation which supports a maximum length of about 1024 characters.

The FIND command is not designed to handle binary files. However FIND is perfectly able to search in a binary file as long as it does not contain any NULL character.

In order to specify a string to search that contain quotes, use the escape character ^ before the quotes to escape.

Although WindowsFIND is an external command, pBat’s FIND is an internal command. Under WINDOWS you can use the native command from Windows using the DEF command to create an alias for find.exe.


Compatible with cmd.exe.

Available since version 2014.0.9b.

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